Português (PT):


TRATOLIXO - New Sorting Unit

"Another reference installation in Portugal".

We participated in the construction of the new sorting unit in Trajouce, as suppliers of a relevant set of equipment.

- Separadores balísticos da PARINI;

- Crivo de discos EGGERSMANN;

- Abre sacos da BRT;

- Prensas enfardadeiras MACPRESS modelo MAC 107/2;

- Prensa para embalagens metálicas JHERMA

Compactors PRESTO HG 20 equip RESINORTE

"Contributing to the reduction of CO2 emissions"

Manufactured in Portugal at TMF Máquinas LDA, under license from the German manufacturer PRESTO GmbH, we supply 35 HG 20 compactors equipped with the new Danitech system.


With this new set of equipment, Resinorte can expand its recyclable collection service, generating its logistics "by the minute" from its main operating operations.


"A winning team is not changed ".

BRACICLA, one of the main paper and cardboard operators, promotes the growth of its activities with equipment that guarantees maximum production and reliability - such as presses for MACPRESS machines.

Equipped for some years with the MACPRESS Press MAC 111, BRACICLA implemented a new installation equipped with the automatic system and with another MAC 111 press from MACPRESS.

The installed hourly baling capacity exceeds 1500 M3 / hour.

Blue Papers - New unit in the Lisbon region

"Separate to win".

Following the successful experience on the country's north's facilities, a group of entrepreneurs decided to expand their activity to the Lisbon area, replicating the same type of technical solutions.


Efficient separation is achieved by dosing the line feed (BRT feeder / bale opener), by primary separation with FORREC dynamic disc sieving and by final tuning separation using an optical separator.


PLANALTO BEIRÃO - Automation of the sorting unit

"Increase production while improving quality"

The adaptation of the old screening to the new market demands forced Planalto Beirão to modernize, by automating, its Sorting Unit.

We participated in the consortium that designed and installed the new line, having supplied an important batch of equipment:

- Bunker abre sacos da BRT;

- Separador balístico da PARINI;

- Crivo de discos dinâmicos da FORREC;

- Sistema de aspiração de filme plástico da NIHOT;

- Separadores magnéticos e de correntes de Foucault;

- Prensas enfardadeiras MACPRESS MAC 106/2;

- Prensa para embalagens metálicas JHERMA;


Valorminho Mechanical Treatment Unit


GHofle designed and executed the new Valorminho Mechanical Treatment Center.

With a capacity to process up to 25 ton / hour, in this center the packages of undifferentiated waste are recovered, which are sent for recycling.

The line has, among other equipment, a BRT bag opener and a disc sieve from Forrec where the organic matter is separated.

Magnetic and eddy current separators integrated in a manual separation line where the different types of packaging are separated and then packed in a MacPress press.