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Our machines

Vertical Baling Presses

Manual Lashing Presses

Reducing the volume of residues allows to optimize transportation costs and to improve their storage and handling.

The baling of recyclable residues allows a better and more flexible management of industries' wast parks.

We have a wide range of models that are the solution to any kind of wast packed in cardboard, textile, plastic, etc.

Vertical and horizontal baling presses with continuous automatic or manual lashing and with compaction strength from 3 to 200 tons, which allos us to suggest the most suitable solution for any case.

Automatic Continuous Presses

Whenever a baling process with continuous feeding is desired, a solution undergoes automatic mooring channel pressure.


This type of installation is usually powered by a metallic mat.


With very high baling hourly discounts, as MACPRESS presses produce high density bales.


With a robust construction, designed to minimize maintenance costs, they are prepared for processing materials as diverse as paper / cardboard, plastic films, packaging, CDRs or even organic foods.


The use of compactors is the solution whenever you want to reduce the volume of waste by placing it in a closed container, in order to guarantee its storage and transport in a clean, safe and economical way.

In monoblock version or with stationary press and mobile box, there are many and diverse solutions that we can suggest according to the type of waste, operation and local conditions.


Transfer stations:


It always appears when a container translation table is connected to the compactor in its stationary version, which automatically positions them as they become full.


Screw compactors:


Whenever high densities of compacted waste are desired, compaction is done by an endless stream and not by the traditional hydraulic system

Drastic reduction in transportation costs.


From the dismantling and de-characterization of bulky waste to the production of precision granules for industrial applications or energy production, we provide, with our range of solutions, the appropriate response to the needs of each case.

With capacities up to 100 Tons per hour, equipped with one, two or more shafts, with or without a delimiting grid, electrically or hydraulically driven, our crushers are distinguished by their robustness, reliability and durability.


EPS Densifiers

Increasing the low density of EPS packaging is essential in order to make their transportation more profitable.


Once densified, the reduction of its volume can reach 50 times, so that the space necessary for its storage is also drastically reduced.


With a wide range of models, we have an answer to the most diverse needs of our customers, particularly in the area of ​​distribution.

Dehydrators for organic waste

The reduction in the amount of organic waste to be landfilled and its consequent use, namely in composting processes, are targets that GAIA Inc dehydrators can help to achieve.

With GAIA technology, the liquid component is minimized "in situ", reducing the initial weight / volume to about 15%.

The dry granules obtained can be used as a fertilizer or as a fuel.


With capacities up to 2,000 Kg / day, GAIA dehydrators are adapted to a wide range of customers.

Semi Trailers - Mobile Floors


The large capacity and ease of loading of this type of semi-trailer lead to its use as an alternative to conventional transfer stations.


The loading / unloading of the semi-trailer is done by moving the floor, consisting of metal strips hydraulically driven.


The strips can have different profiles and different strength levels, according to the type of waste to be transported.

Reverse Vending Machine

SiVario 2020

The ideal and future prove Reverse Venting Solution made by SIELAFF.

Wide range of material acceptance

The systems provide an uncomplicated method for returning non-refillable and refillable packaging made from a wide range of materials.

Whether PET, metal or glass – bottles, cups or crates – the packaging is reliably recognised by shape, weight, logo or barcode.


The equipment is individually designed to meet the requirements of your market.

The system is planned to suit your premises.


Our specialists will support you and configure your equipment to suit your business.